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 Sincere Biotech offers custom antibody production services to the scientific community

Polyclonal Antibody Production Services

Sincere Biotech can supply projects in mouse, rat, rabbit, goat and other animals on special request. Sincere Biotech has simplified the ordering process by offering 3 packages combining the most common customer requests:

Protein-specific Ab Combo: With 3 mg of protein as antigen, 100-200 mg of purified antibody is generated in rabbits against multiple epitopes within 3 months.

Peptide-specific Ab Combo: A peptide encompassing a short region of the target protein is used as antigen to generate in rabbits 100-200 mg of purified antibody within 4 months.

Phospho-specific Ab Combo: For monitoring target activation by phosphorylation, a phosphopeptide is used as antigen to generate in rabbits 5-10 mg of

Get a Quotation

The prices vary upon project customization, please contact us directly to learn a detail  quotation  according to your inquirement. Your requests will be processed within 48 hours.


Sincere Biotech guarantees competitive pricing and delivery time for all items.

Every antibody project is supplied with a Peptide Design and Project reports, when applicable. Sincere Biotech guarantees that the antibody generated using an antigen synthesized by Sincere Biotech will recognize the antigen in ELISA.

Actual processing time is dependent on the peptide synthesis, animal immunization processes and antibody purification.The customers can be able to in direct correspondence with our Tech Support, getting up-to-date progress on the status of their project and estimated delivery times .


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