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Sincere Biotech Co., Ltd. focuse on manufacture and marketing Elisa kits, Assay kits, Antibodies,Protein and
Peptide,Biochemical Reagents and related Technique Service for the life science research community.

With the purpose of Discovery better high-quality products and Technique Service in a fair value,we have
established stable relationship with a large number partners all over the world.The proprietary technologies
is our greatest wealth, we can select, design, and produce related products in strict control and help our
customer,s experiment timely. We have a comprehensive range products, the research
area covers Immunology,
Cell biology, Endocrinology, Molecularbiology, Microbiology,
Developmental Biology, Metabolism, Neuroscience,
Signal Transduction,Cardiovascular, Glycobiology, Proteomics,Disease, Food safty and Drug residues.

Besides the standard products, we also offer custom services to meet the distinct needs of each customer.Our
current services include custom Elisa kit, Monoclonal and/or Polyclonal Antibody Production,
Custom Peptide
, Cell-based and diagnostic assays and so on.

Welcome you to Sincere Biotech,we greatly appreciate the constant support of our valuable customers and partners.
We will continue to rapidly expand, keeping Efficiency, Speed, Smile, Flexibility, Innovation and Development, being
the leading provider of novel biological detection solutions, ultimately improve the quality of life. Meanwhile, it is
our greatest honor to receive valuable feedbacks and suggestions from you, so that we can try our best to help and
better serve your projects .


We have over 90,000 different types of Assay kits available. Please contact us via telephone or EMail at for sensitivity, standard range data and types available. Please inquire about any kits not found in our catalogue or/and website as we may be able to fill your requirements.

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